NPA Policy

Non-Payment of Services & Suspensions/Deletion of Accounts (Web Development)

We at GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients & to serve them better we expect them to keep our accounting clear & transparent. We keep improving our policies for the Same, we have updated our Non-Payment of Services & Suspension/Deletion of Accounts on 28th Oct 2022

Every Invoice is required to be paid within 2 working days of its release for the payment, we at GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited accept all kinds of Electronic Payments (UPI/NEFT/RTGS/Credit & Debit Card) If an Invoice is not paid within the Timeline of its issuance GoToSIOC take the following action immediately

  1. In Case Domain and Hosting Services have been provided by GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited & Entire Development is done on the live domain
    • GoToSIOC Suspend the Hosting account immediately, this effect follows
      1. The website goes offline and it can not be accessed online 
      2. Email Accounts and all relevant hosting related Services Stops Immediately 
    • Once Hosting is Suspended, the User needs to pay INR 2,500/- or 10% of Project value (Whichever is high) to reactivate the Hosting account + due invoice amounts immediately, no source code file will be shared with the user/client without the payment of Invoice Amount + Hosting account reactivation charges.  
    • The hosting account remains suspended for 10 days duration, if the user does not make the payment along with hosting account activation charges, all source code and development will be deleted permanently from servers, GoToSIOC will not be liable for any kind of code recovery or database loss. 
    • Such an account will be considered a Non-Payable Account and it will be processed as per applicable laws
  1. In the case of Domain & Hosting have been provided by the client
  • GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited will do initial development on its Own Subdomain and hosting server, once development is complete GoToSIOC will share the Invoice for its payment, The Client Needs to make a Complete Payment within 2 Working Days 
  • If the Invoice is not paid within 2 Working days, the Client is required to make Late Payment fees of INR 3000/- & 2% Weekly Charges which are calculated on Due Outstanding amounts including previous late payment charges and previous weekly charges if any & so on 
  • GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited Send Periodic Reminders for the Remittance of Invoices up to 10 times, if the Client does pay the complete charges of Late Payment fees and Weekly charges, GoToSIOC will delete the complete development from their servers and clients will be own responsible for loss of development and database, 
  • GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited will process the legal proceeding for recovering the amounts due on clients and as final demand, the legal charges will be added to client’s due amount additionally 
  • No source code, Database or UI/UX will be transferred without getting complete payment from the client 

Support & Other Services

  1. GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited takes 100% Advance for any Year long support & other Related Services, we do not accept any Partial Payments for the same. 
  2. We share Due Invoices in advance with clients, their payments before or on the due date are the client’s responsibility. If Support & Related Services are not renewed on or before the due date, our services Stop immediately.
  3. GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited will not be responsible for any loss of data, security, or privacy for clients if renewals are not made on time  

Hosting & Domain Renewals: 

  1. Just like other services & support we share the Invoice for hosting & domain renewal in advance with clients advance client is required to make the payment for the same on or before the due date for the same. 
  2. In case of payments are not on or before the due date, domains get released to TLD within 30 days  
  3. Usually, domains are booked by domain auction agencies & in case this is gone to them it can only be purchased back from their auction price settled by them. 
  4. If the client is not looking to renew the hosting & domain services with us so you need to inform us right after the invoice is shared with you. 
  5. You are required to create and download the entire hosting backup by yourself & transfer the domain from us to any domain service provider.
  6. If you do not take a backup on or before the due date of Invoices for hosting and Domain, the Hosting account gets suspended immediately and the data available on the server can not be accessed. 
  7. GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited is not responsible for any kind of loss of data or domain if the invoice is not paid & the domain is not transferred & Backup of hosting files is not taken by the client. 

Reviewed & approved by 

Harsh Vardhan Sharma 

Director: GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited(CIN No.: U62099UP2023PTC185616)