Revision Policy

Effective From: 13-12-2021

From 13-12-2021 following Website Revision Policy will be effective

This Policy is applicable to all Existing Projects & Website Started on or Before 13th Dec. 2021 as Well, This Policy is to be considered as the main Revision Policy if no Deviation Policy is signed with the client in the context of this Revision Policy.

  1. GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited will not revise the designs and layout of websites once finalized by the client at the initial stage of development, any revision in this context will be subjected to charges
  2. If logo is also part of client’s package, then it is mandatory for every client to fill the form of Logo request, Initial Design will be generated based on client Suggestions, Initial Design revision is capped to 5 Complete Revisions and 5 Modifications to Colour Fonts and Minor changes in Logo Design.
  3. Once the Functionality is approved by client will only be subjected to changes if this is not functioning towards the Goal of customer Conversion or information landing (as per the Nature of Website)
  4. Once the Development is completed Client will be required to review the website with in 4 days and ask for revision, If in this time period company do not get the Revision request from client it will be considered as the development is been accepted by the client and Invoice for the Final payment will be Generated
  5. A Website Developed by GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited is reviewed on two level before getting handed over to clients for reviews
    1. Shivam (Web Developer)
    2. Harsh Vardhan Sharma
  6. Clients have 2 Attempts of Revision on the website as follows
    1. In 1st Attempt Client can share the complete changes in a written document to the Client Relationship Manager and Client Relation Manager will execute the changes with Developer and concerned person
    2. If Client is still not satisfied by the changes made by the GoToSIOC team then the Revision will be in an Online/Live Meeting mode where the concerned Developer, Designer, Client Relationship Manager & client will have Google meet so that changes can be processed in Live Mode, this meeting is not capped with any time limit, this may be a full day exercise as well.
    3. The Tat for 1st attempt of revision from GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited will be 48 hours (Maximum)
    4. If 1st Attempt Changes are submitted to client, then it would be required from client to review the same in next 48 hours and if changes are as per his requirement, then to confirm Back Client Relationship Manager to the same, IF changes are not meeting his complete requirement, then to ask Client Relationship Manager to set-up a Live Mode Changes Meeting.
    5. GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited is committed for the quality services of its clients & we keep updating the website as per the changes request by the client so Once changes made in live mode, GoToSIOC Technologies Private Limited will keep considering Minor changes on the website as per the package of client, Client would be required to release the Balance Payment to company after Invoice generation.

Reviewed & Signed By,

Harsh Vardhan Sharma